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Geological and Mineral Research Centre (CRGM) is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry which has Scientific Research in its attributions and was created by Ordinance Act of November 5th, 1982. CRGM is the heir of the former Geological Service of the Belgian Congo and Rwanda-Urundi and integrates acquired inherited from the Geology Department of Scientific Research Institute. It is the largest institution of geological research at national level with a legal personality and enjoying an independent financial.


As the first-class research centre, the objective recognized to CRGM is to :

(1) promote,

(2) coordinate and (3) execute scientific research and various studies in the field of earth sciences in general, geological and mining in particular in order to highlight the potential mineral resources in the -Congolese soil.

It concerns are as follows :

  • Publication and dissemination of geological maps, gitological and geotechnical;
  • Prospecting minerals and building materials research;
  • Study and mapping hydro geological;
  • Expertise of rocks, minerals and ores, soils and waters;
  • Centralization and diffusion, conservation of geological information and mining through a database.

To reach its goal, the CRGM works in synergy with other institutions of the Republic, such as UNILU (The University of Lubumbashi), The UNIKIN (the University of Kinshasa), the Direction of the geology, CTCPM (Technical Coordination and Planning Mining) SAESSCAM (Support Service and Supervision of Small Scale Mining) and CAMI (Mining Cadastre), all under the Ministry of Mines.


The Chair of CRGM works through a Board Committee consisting of four people : the General Manager, the Scientific Director, the Financial and Administrative Director and the Representative of the workers.

The execution of the scientific activities takes part in different departments (and of their respective sections) that includes many aspects of the general, urban, mining, environmental geology...

The scientific staff of the CRGM is constituted in majority of geologists, geographers, of chemists, of geochemists including technicians of research.

The majority of the researchers have an experience in different domains such as the geological cartography, the mineral resources, the polls drilling, the geotechnics and the management of the natural risks, the protection of the mining environment, the chemical and geochemical analyses, the hydrological and hydro geological studies, the geographical information system and remote detection.

The CRGM possesses besides a research station in LWIRO in the South-Kivu, specialized in photo geology, petrology and mining research.

  • The geological maps (numeric or paper format);
  • The card of the mineral lodgings of D.R.Congo and its explanatory notes (numeric format or paper);
  • The applicable information of its specialized library and its geological and mineral numeric database;
  • A high quality expertise in the analysis of the rocks, ores, precious substances (Gold, Diamond, Gems, Mercury, Uranium,...), soils and waters;
  • A service of drilling for the execution of the water boring and the studies of the basement; A modern service of reproduction in numeric or paper format.

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